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What is TeenFX package?

Fitness for teens 13-19 to help establish a healthy lifestyle early on. Teens are now experiencing high blood pressure, obesity, and poor fitness levels once only seen in older adults. Technology and the fast food industry have created an environment that has led to more overweight teens than we have ever seen in American history.

Our teen program can help to:

• Improve muscle tone and flexibility
• Lose weight
• Be more confident and improve self esteem
• Increase strength
• Improve nutritional habits
• Make healthy living a lifestyle

TeenFX is specifically designed for the 13-19 year old who wants to tone up, slim down, and feel better about her/his appearance. Fitness facts, nutritional guidance, and very contemporary fitness program make this a popular program among teens. Variety and high energy start this program with a bang, but it doesn’t stop there. We are prepared to provide your teen with a quality program, in your own home, that will have the whole family wanting in on the action. Join with a friend and double the fun while you cut the cost. Call today to learn more about this highly successful program.

“ I believe my trainer is excellent, due to his complete knowledge of nutrition and weight training, which targets my goals. His abilities help me to achieve my long- and short-term goals.” Jimmy of xenia age 16

“In the past I have worked with several personal trainers, but no one is more professional than my personal trainer from Ideal Personal Training. He is not only an expert in physical conditioning and nutrition, but he has a genuine interest in his clients. As a result, I was able to attain my weight and strength goals…. Thanks! “ Ron of Beavercreek

Once you have chosen a program right for you, your personal trainer will help you to set realistic, attainable and appropriate goals based on your individual needs. They will assist you with the proper form and technique to ensure get maximum results in the minimum amount of time. They will make your fitness journey an enjoyable experience. Your motivation and commitment comes naturally with our regularly scheduled sessions. All our personal trainers are certified with nationally recognized certifications such as ACE, NFPT, NASM, ISSA, or AFFA.

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